4 Secrets to Supercharging Your Vision
May Baydoun

A vision is a powerful tool that will move you forward into a more certain future created by design. But a vision is only as good as what you do with it and the energy that fuels it. Too often we create an amazing vision for our future and it just sits somewhere on the back burner of our mind. We only check in with our vision once in a while, get a little excited, take a few steps in the right direction, and then life gets in the way. And the beautiful future we envision fades into the background once more.

So how do we bring a vision out of the depths of our mind back to the forefront of our thinking? And even more importantly, how do we keep it in conscious focus?

Start here to create your vision

Well, first, you need a pen and paper, or a pretty notebook. Skip the keyboard. Typing only engages your conscious mind. That is the analytical part of your brain and it will likely limit your creativity by analyzing every little bit of your vision. Hand writing allows you to slip into more alpha brainwaves and tap into your subconscious mind. That’s where your Higher-Self lives. And your Higher-Self is the bridge to your Soul. Tapping into your subconscious mind brings you into alignment and allows your creative genius to shine through.

Your vision needs to encompass all aspects of your life. This means that you want to create a global vision of your future, not just a vision of the new home or the career, or the family life or your love life. Everything needs to be a part of this vision.

Here are a few categories to get you started:

  • Your self – who you are
  • Your spirituality
  • Your mind, knowledge and intellect
  • Your body, health and fitness
  • Your love life and intimacy
  • Your social life
  • Your family life
  • Money
  • Your career
  • Your quality of life

Your life vision should at least incorporate these categories. This is your vision’s skeleton if you will. To supercharge it we need to give it some muscle!

The Steps to bring your vision to life

The first step, and quite possibly the most important is to take the time to define what each category means to you. Yes, everyone knows what the dictionary definition of family is, but for you, family might look different and mean something different than for your best friend. For instance, for me, family means my children, my partner and myself. It also includes how I choose to parent and our family values.

By defining each category for yourself, you create a solid and aligned foundation for your vision.

Step two is to see it. This is where you completely unleash your creativity! For each category, let your imagination run wild. Don’t limit yourself, but remain realistic. Moving to Japan is something your mind will accept as a possibility even if you don’t know how to make it happen. Moving to the moon might not be so easily accepted by your brain.

I like to write my visions in the present tense. I find it easier for me to feel it as I read my vision daily. You can also choose to write it in the past tense. This will get your brain believing it’s already done and engages the Universe to deliver your vision to you.

DO NOT write your vision in the future tense. If you do, you run the risk of your vision always staying in the future.

Next, your vision needs fuel!

Visions are fuelled by emotional attachment. This is what is commonly known as the “Why”. For each category, as well as for your life vision, you need to identify a solid WHY that holds enough emotional charge to surpass all your excuses. You need a strong enough reason to go after what you want and that will keep you going on the tough days.

Last, but not least, go get it! Nothing moves if you don’t move. Nothing in the physical world changes without action. Action doesn’t have to be monumental. This isn’t about taking massive action. It’s more of a slow and steady wins the race. Taking small and consistent action steps that move you towards your vision is the key to your constant progress.

For each category, choose one action step that you commit to doing every day for the next 30 days. That’s 12 small things for you to do daily. It could be as small as taking your vitamins for your health, or writing three things you are grateful for in your spirituality category or even reading for 5 minutes in the mind category. At the end of your 30 (or 31) days, re-evaluate your action steps and decide if they stay the same or if some need to be changed.

Taking daily action keeps you in constant motion towards your life vision. And the Universe is mirroring your action, bringing your vision closer to you as you move towards it.

One more thing! Now that you have a life vision written down, leverage it to make your dreams a reality faster. Read your life vision daily! First thing in the morning when you wake up and last thing before you go to bed. Don’t just read it… FEEL it! This gets easier as you practice. Your brain can’t tell the difference between the reality you see around you and the one you see in your mind. So the more you focus on your vision and fuel it with the emotion of what it’s like to live that life, the more you will begin to witness changes in your life that are the evidence of your life transformation.

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