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How much control do we have anyways?
May Baydoun

Let’s face it, the unknown is a scary thing, but why?

Because the unknown is something that many of us believe we cannot control and this leads to feelings of fear, doubt, anxiety and elevated levels of stress. All this contributes to our vibrations plummeting to lower lows and a fear/stress cycle that keeps on spiralling down.

Breaking this pattern isn’t the easiest thing to do because once we are caught up in it, it becomes difficult to see the bigger picture. If we manage to pause for a moment and bring ourselves back to a moment of stillness, a completely different picture begins to form. A clearer and truer reality begins to emerge.

The undeniable truth is that we are fully in control. Sadly we often give up this control based on the beliefs and paradigms that have been passed on to us, by not only our families and ancestors, but also by a collective consciousness that also inherited these beliefs and paradigms. If we really take a moment to look at what is really going on, we can begin to see that we still have so much control over our own realities. Even when everything outside of us seems to be in complete and utter disarray.

The 2020 happened!

Let’s take for instance the year 2020. Year of the COVID-19 pandemic. A year where the world literally shut down, everyone confined to their homes, businesses shut down, jobs lost and so much was uncertain. The world literally came to a screeching halt, leaving many of us wondering: “What now?” and “What’s next?”

Being confined to our homes gave many of us so much free time that many of us didn’t know what to do with, so we filled it up the best way we knew how to come: Netflix, Facebook, Youtube and Zoom calls. Sadly, we also had a lot more time to watch the news and worry about what was coming next. How bad would it get? How long would it last? Will we be able to go back to “normal”? Will “normal” even be the same as before? All these unanswered questions create a sense of worry and contribute, quite unnecessarily, to our rise in anxiety. We feel that we have no control over the situation or over the outcome of the situation. But how true is that?

It’s truly a question of perspective. Although we can’t always control what is going on in the world around us, we have 100% control over how we react to each and every situation we are faced with. We get to choose how we live through and experience the circumstances of our lives.

At the start of the pandemic, I was on a business trip in British Columbia. Alone and across the country from my family. Now, I don’t really ready or watch any news, so all the news I was getting was from well meaning friends and family members. Their worry was palpable and to me seemed completely disproportionate to the reality that was unfolding where I was in my little Airbnb room.

I felt myself begin to slip into worry and thoughts of not being able to make it back home to my family. “What ifs” started popping up in my head. There was a possibility that domestic flights could get cancelled… that I could stay stuck in Surrey, BC. And who knows for how long… My mindset started sinking faster than the Titanic. I began feeling stress and anxiety; the worry and fear of this uncertainty gripping me.

And then, I STOPPED!

“Wait a minute! This doesn’t feel good!”

That not feeling good was my indication that I was in complete misalignment with my true self. The things I was thinking that were causing me to be scared and worried, didn’t match with who I am and my belief systems. In that moment of realization, I knew exactly what I needed to do to re-align myself with my core, to raise my vibration and elevate my emotions, and to make sure I get on that plane and fly back home to my family.

I limited the number of conversations I was having with worried and stressed out friends and family members. I limited my exposure to the news, sticking to the bare minimum: one email a day with a summary of the COVIC-19 news happening back home in Montreal, Quebec. I meditated, focused on my work and did things that made me happy. It wasn’t long before I felt better internally.

The magic here is that on the inside, we get to choose how we feel and for how long we feel that way. Our emotions are 100% within our control. We have the ability to decide how we want to feel and then do the things that enable us to feel that way.

Yes, outer circumstances can have an impact on our inner feelings. But the reverse is also true. How we feel on the inside attracts equal and matching circumstances on the outside. Thoughts we think become manifested things in our lives, but only through the attractive force of our feelings. Imagine what I could have unintentionally created in my life had I continued to worry about being able to get on a plane and fly home…

At the start of this pandemic, I chose to reclaim my power and control over my life. I chose to nurture my well-being and mindset and this in turn shifted my outer world and I was able to attract and create better circumstances for myself. If thoughts become things, I am going to carefully choose the things I think about and consequently bring into my life.

Because we all have free will, we all have the freedom to choose where we place our focus. How we feel about what we are focused on is our indication of how aligned with our truth the object of our focus is. Simply put, what makes us feel good is in alignment and what makes us feel bad is misaligned. Knowing this, we can always choose to feel better than before by thinking and doing things that make us feel better. And the better we feel on the inside, the better it gets on the outside.

I know you are eager to learn more! My Guides, a collective who call themselves Elderon, have shared channeled information about this in what They chose to call “How Life Works”. You can download their message HERE.

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