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How to Let Go of The Things That Keep You Stuck
May Baydoun

Don’t you wish you could just leave last week’s drama behind you and just start fresh this week?

Why is is so hard to let go of the things that keep us stuck?

I mean, we know they are holding us back. And we know we have to let it go to move forward. So why don’t we just do it? Why can’t we just let go?

The answer is all in your head.

Here’s how it works.

Day in and day out, you go through events in your life. Your mind, the subconscious part of it, keeps record of these. They are store as memories. Their purpose is to protect you. Keep you safe. “Stay away from June in accounting this week, she’s in a bad mood.”

So, every time you need to interact with June, you are on edge because she did something or said something that made your brain go: June is in a bad mood – steer clear. And although that conclusion may have been true in that moment, it won’t be true always and it’s not a real danger to your survival. So, for your mind to hold on to this “memory”, is absolutely unnecessary. It might actually hold you back from doing things and achieving things you actually want. And I know you don’t want to feel on edge every time you need to interact with June. She’s usually quite nice.

So, how can you resolve this?

Here’s a quick exercise you can do when you become aware that something is holding you back and you really want to let it go. You can do this as needed, and you can also plan to do it weekly, monthly or quarterly so you can let go of difficulties or challenges you’ve faced and start your new week/month/quarter/year fresh. This is what I call a Release and Resolve.

Here’s how to let go of the things that keep you stuck!

** As always, I recommend using a pen and paper to tap deeper into your mind. A screen and keyboard will keep yo stuck in your head.

Step 1

Draw out three (3) columns on a sheet of paper. Or download the worksheet HERE.

  1. Label the first one : Difficulties/Challenges
  2. Label the second one: My Hidden Benefit
  3. Label the third one: Lessons I’m learning.

Step 2

In the first column, you will write down 3-5 difficulties or challenges you have faced in the past quarter (or period of time you are working on).

Step 3

You will work on each difficulty/challenge one at the time from this point on. So, do all the following steps till the end of your first difficulty/challenge, and then come back and repeat for the second, and so on.

Step 4

For the second column (My hidden benefit), think of how this difficulty or challenge has benefitted you. There is always a hidden benefit. Often, it is either a way to keep us safe from something (protection), a way to make us take action (motivation), or a way to prove or confirm that we are right (justification).

Step 5

Now, in the third column (Lessons I’m learning), write down the lessons that your difficulty or challenge has taught you. If you’re not sure what you have learned, ask yourself what the situation could be trying to teach you.

Step 6

Look back on the lessons you are learning, ask yourself: “Am I done learning this?” If you have followed the process this is likely to be a yes. If you are not yet comfortable with saying yes to this question, ponder your lessons a little longer. You may have missed an element or a lesson. When clarity comes and you can answer yes, put a checkmark next to each lesson.

Step 7

Now ponder your hidden benefit. Ask yourself: “Is it possible for me to have [benefit] without [difficulty/challenge]. Your answer will most likely be a yes after you have gone through each step. If this is a no for you, ponder why you are holding onto this.

Step 8

Once you are ready to let this go, declare the following: “My lessons are learned and completed. I can continue learning these lessons through unconditional love and with ease, grace and flow; I now understand that I can have [benefit] without [difficulty/challenge]; I now release and resolve this [difficulty/challenge]. Thank you, it is done, it is done, it is done.” And now close your eyes and witness (see, feel, hear or simply know, however it comes for you) yourself moving forward while the situation you are releasing stays behind.

Step 9

Repeat steps 3-8 for each difficulty or challenge you want to release.

I know it seems like a lot of work, but trust me, it’s really a quick exercise and it’s so liberating! It’s the quickest way I know of how to let go of the things that keep you stuck. And if you are willing to take the time to get go through the exercise, you will find that you are able to move forward with a little less baggage.

Ready to dive in? Get my worksheet, with instructions, that will help you let go of what you no longer need or want. After all, do you really want to move into your future with all the baggage you are carrying from your past?

Get The Worksheet Now

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