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Raise Your Vibration

With a tribe of loving, woohoo souls to support and elevate you.

So, you’re on your spiritual journey… YAY!

Reconnecting with your soul is your first step to feeling whole.


Let’s face it, there’s nothing easy about navigating a spiritual journey and embracing your authentic, woohoo self when you are surrounded by people who just don’t get it.


You have questions.


You’re not sure what you’re doing… or if it’s working.


Is it supposed to be complicated.


You’re putting in the effort, but where are the results.


Life is throwing you more curveballs than you care for.


And you’re wondering if you’re doing this right.

Whew! Honey you need a tribe that will…

Give you spiritual and divine support
Answers to your burning questions
Enlighten you on spirituality and how the Universe really works.
Offer a safe space community for your spiritual journey
Inspire, motivate and elevate you to your highest vibration

And that’s exactly what you get when you join the Ascend Soul Tribe!

Here’s my BOLD promise to you!

This community is a safe haven for you to grow, evolve and ascend while sharing, supporting and elevating. You will get answers, insight, inspiration and guidance from other members, myself (yes I’m in the community too) and my divine guides.

We are ready for you when you are!

The spiritual journey is not meant to be lonely

A safe space community for your spiritual journey.

  • Be as woohoo as you want to be!
  • Ask your questions and get your answers from members and me
  • Share your stories and get support and insight
  • Celebrate your wins with your tribe
  • Access to me in the community

Elevate your vibration and manifest your life.

  • Get daily uplifting quotes
  • Receive energetic downloads and activations
  • Get access to the Notes from the spirit guide collective (Elderon)
  • Elevate and ascend through the energy of the collective.

Join the Ascension


When you join and create your account, you get access to the community, including the Soul Tribe Treads. You also get access to all the freebies, including the Notes from Elderon. (They are EPIC)

Ready to embrace your Soul’s Human Experience?

Join the virtual safe space for woohoo individuals and be part of a tribe that will support and elevate you on your journey.

The journey is yours to create, have fun along the way.