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Navigating the Duality of Life: Good Alignment, Bad Alignment
May Baydoun

We live in a world of dualism

We live in a world of dualism, where every aspect of this world has an opposite and contrasting aspect. As a matter of fact, our three dimensional reality is so dualistic that everything has an equal opposite. None however are as prominent as the concept of good versus bad.

Is contrast necessary?

Contrast is natural and necessary. We determine what we want and what we like by contrasting with what we dislike and don’t want. We have choice and are free to exercise this birthright to create our life by design. This notion, however, gets lost somewhere between childhood and young adulthood. From a very early age, we are taught by those we love and admire, that certain things are good while others are bad. Rules for good behaviour are drawn up for us. Like a code to live by if you want to avoid the punishment and consequences of bad behaviour. And so, we learn from a very young age to align with our society rather than find alignment with our own self, our higher self and divinity.

As a result of these lessons learned, we grow into adults who have lost the ability to discern what is good or bad for us. We turn outward looking for guidance outside of us to tell us what we should do and what we should avoid.

In addition to that, we are surrounded by well meaning friends and family members, who are more than willing and eager to offer us advice based on their own experiences, opinions and realities. 

The end result is that we follow the advice of others and unknowingly pull ourselves out of alignment with our soul. And when we are out of alignment, things tend to become more difficult and turn quite challenging.

The thing is… good and bad isn’t really about right or wrong. Good isn’t right, nor is it wrong. The same thing applies for bad. We have all been programmed from a very young age to look to the world outside of us to guide us through our life. We come to expect our outer world and the people in it to show us what is right or wrong for us.

We can’t blame society or the generations before us for any part they played in creating this less than ideal pattern. Our programs and patterns are not our fault. They are, however, our responsibility.

The best thing for each and every one of us to do is to realize that what is good for us is what aligns with us, regardless of what others judge to be good. Likewise, what is bad for us is what is in misalignment with us, regardless of what others judge to be bad.

Alignment is the key

Alignment is the key that allows well-being to flow into our lives. Think of alignment as being a personalized path of least resistance. When we are in alignment, well-being flows into every aspect of our life. Things become easy because Source energy flows to and through us freely and unobstructed.

In misalignment, when the things we are thinking, speaking and doing pull us out of alignment, the flow of well-being from source energy becomes obstructed and therefore we have less well-being to spread through all aspects of our life. Misalignment itself doesn’t bring bad things into our lives, it simply limits the good stuff from getting to us, creating the impression of difficulty, struggle and hardship.

Think of life as a road trip. You are in alignment when you are driving on the road, the open highway for instance. Misalignment is when you take that detour or “shortcut” and wind up in a traffic jam because of construction on a road your friend told you would get you there faster. 

Alignment isn’t something that comes from the outside. It’s an inside job. It’s individual. No two people align in exactly the same way doing the same thing. This is because alignment requires more than aligning our physical, three dimensional lower-self with the energy of divine creation. Alignment is about bringing our lower-self into alignment with our thoughts, our higher-self, our soul and the energy of Source.

Nothing and no one outside of us even knows how we align with our divinity. Only we do. We are internally guided to our alignment through our feelings and emotions. When the things we are thinking, speaking or doing bring up feelings and emotions of a negative nature, it’s an indication that this particular thing is not in alignment with us. The opposite is also true.

In early 2019, my life partner, who had just acquired a new business, asked me to help him out with the administration of the business. I cringed as he asked me. My very first thought was: “But what about my business and my clients that I love working with? This is going to take up so much of my time, and I hate administrative paperwork.” To make it even worse, I felt it was my obligation to help him out because he is my spouse. I couldn’t refuse the job… it wasn’t an option (or so I thought at the time).

So, I worked at the company, doing the mundane administrative tasks and being miserable during every moment of it. This is much more than simple like and dislike. I am very good at administrative tasks. I am an organized and thorough person who gets the job done. My dislike for the task is an indication of my misalignment with the situation. My coaching business and all it entails align with me. Being pulled away from this business to do something I completely dislike, even though I was being generously compensated, felt wrong to me. It was downright frustrating!

Each time I had to do tasks related to the administration of my partner’s business, I would get angry, frustrated and would find any excuse to avoid it. It put me in complete misalignment. Yet, while I was working within my own business I was happy, excited and at peace. Both of these events could happen on the same day.

I recall one particular day in the winter, where I spent the morning writing a total of 10-12 checks for supplies. It took me four hours! Four hours to do something that would normally take 30 minutes. It was excruciating!

Back then, I didn’t understand the concept of being in alignment. All I knew was that whenever I was done and got in my car to go home, I felt a tremendous sense of relief. I felt free! That feeling is what makes my return to alignment. The understanding of alignment and how my feelings are the indicator of my alignment has given me the ability to choose what aligns me rather than what pulls me out of alignment. The same is true for you. And anyone else who chooses to apply this knowledge to their life.

Our feelings are the barometer that indicates our level of alignment with the various circumstances of our life. Love, gratitude and appreciation are indicative of optimal alignment, while fear, grief, depression, despair and powerlessness indicate complete misalignment. It’s important to understand that alignment isn’t a black or white, right or wrong, yes and no, all or nothing concept. Between alignment and misalignment, there are many shades of grey.

Let’s expand on this notion a little…

Imagine a waterfall from which the water is the Source energy of well-being. When one stands directly under the falling water, or in full alignment with the fall, the flow of water is at its most powerful. If that person were to move away from the fall slightly misaligning themselves with the flow of water, they would still get wet from the fall but not quite as much. The further a person moves from the waterfall, the less aligned they are with the flow of water and the less water from the falls gets to them.

Luckily, we humans have a wide range of emotions to reflect the many shades or levels of alignment we are in.

Ultimately, we all want to feel love, appreciation and gratitude and we all work our way towards it. We all go through ups and downs in our life. We have good days and not so great ones. No one stays one hundred percent aligned all the time.

However, being in alignment most of the time is extremely beneficial to our well-being. We are mostly aligned when we are content, hopeful and optimizing. These feelings or better feelings are what we want to be feeling most of the time.

At first, it will seem forced. Very quickly, this becomes a set-point level for our emotional state and we will be vibrating at that level consistently. This means we are also attracting circumstances and situations that are consistent with the vibration of hope, optimism and contentment. The better you feel, the more aligned you are and the better are the things you attract into your life.

I know you are eager to learn more! My Guides, a collective who call themselves Elderon, have shared channeled information about this in what They chose to call “How Life Works”. You can download their message HERE.

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