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Unlock Your Manifesting Code

Your Soul’s Blueprint is the Key to Up-Level Your Manifestation Game

Up-Level Your Manifestation Game

Your Soul is Built Different…

That’s why traditional manifestation strategies might just not work for you. There’s no one size fits all when it comes to manifesting. Each unique soul has a unique “code” for creating and manifesting. And with that unique Soul Code, you can master manifesting

Leverage Your Soul Gifts

Soul gifts feel so natural that you probably don’t even see them as gifts. But when you know your gifts and use them to manifest the things you want in life, you are really leveraging the universe with your alignment.

Unlock Your Unique Code

When you know the unique way your soul is created to manifest, you can do all the things that work for you and skip the things that you know don’t work for you. No more guessing if you are on the right track. You KNOW you are!

The Secret is in Your Akashic Record


With your name at birth, your date of birth and the place you were born, we can access your Akashic Records. These are the records of your soul’s story from i’s creation.


Once we verify that we have the records to the right soul, we determine your dominant soul gift(s). Some people have 1 and some have 2.


We then go through 7 comparative aspects to determine how your soul operates at its core. That is your manifesting code.


We send you your unique detailed report.

Stop the Guessing Game!

If you’re serious about manifesting what you want, get the blueprint that will get you there the fastest and easiest way!

Shift Your Beliefs & Make Lasting Change