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When 1+1=5
May Baydoun

I know, I know… 1+1=2. Well… Linearly, yes! 1+1=2. But in the quantum world, 1+1=infinite possibilities really.

Mind blowing, I know.

Let me give you a bit of a back story. Last night I was on my monthly Thetahealing® practice call with my mentor and our community of Thetahealers. The topic we were addressing was abundance

Now abundance can be a very broad topic or a very narrow one. We all want abundance. It means something different for each person. For some people abundance is about having more money. For others, it could be about having more time. Some people feel abundant when they are surrounded by those they love.

One thing is certain, abundance is unlimited. And I think that most people can accept that the world, the universe is abundant.

Where we usually hit a snag is in that we are not sure we get a piece of the pie or how big of a piece we can actually have. But here’s the thing… You cannot have a bigger piece of the pie than you can actually eat. At a certain point, you are full.

There’s a limit to how much groceries you can get in one trip to the store. It’s not set by the universe and it’s lack of abundance. Nor by the store itself. That limit is determined by how much of these groceries you can store in you fridge or pantry.

What I’m trying to get at here is that we are the ones who set the limit on our own abundance levels. Let’s think of us as each having a special container for our abundance. The size of that container is the limit of abundance we can hold in our life.

Now. I know your first thought was “smash the container, then there’s no limits”. That’s not quite how it works… No container means you have nowhere to put that abundance, which means no abundance.

The Universe is abundant not wasteful

There’s good news! You can grow your abundance container.

How? Let’s explore this…

There are 3 levels of abundance:

  • Abundance level 1: Free Grace
    • This refers to the resources we came into this world with. We were fed, kept warm, had a roof over our heads, we had all we needed and our parents and loved ones could provide.
    • Think of these as the bonuses for signing up to participate in this human experience.
  • Abundance level 2: Linear Manifesting
    • This is the abundance that we create in direct relation to the effort that we invest and the work we put into things.
    • Trading time for dollars is a form of linear manifesting.
    • The effort you put into relationships is what determines how the relationship flourishes is another example.
    • 1+1=2
  • Abundance level 3: Quantum Manifesting
    • Here 1+1=5
    • Here the only thing you need to do is
      • be in pure intention
      • put in a genuine effort
      • have impact
      • WITHOUT expecting immediate results
    • Here you serve with your heart
    • The KEY: Do your work as if you were doing it for a VIP (client, boss, partner) and release yourself from the need to get the result or outcome as proof that it’s working.

I know this is CRAZY simple, but, hey, it is what it is!

During our practice, we get to muscle test some beliefs and connect to Source in order to shift the limiting programs and get the highest perspective from The Creator (insert God, Universe, or whatever else you believe in).

I want to share the message I got from the Creator:

“You are NOT exchanging effort for abundance. You are giving energy and the energy you give out is amplified by the value of your service and therefore the abundance you receive must be amplified.”

The Creator of All That Is – Channelled via May Baydoun

So when we look at linear manifesting 1 unit of effort = 1 unit of abundance.

OR 1 effort + 1 effort = 2 abundance

When you look at quantum manifesting you have 1 unit of effort + 1 value multiple (x) = 1 + x units of abundance.

OR assuming your value multiple is 4… 1 effort + 1 (4 value) = 5

Infographic of linear manifesting vs quantum manifesting

This becomes a Game Changer!

Why? Because it’s no longer about what you give is what you get. It’s about what you contribute, you receive multiplied. Some conditions apply… (We can’t break the laws of the universe, we can only leverage them)

  1. Your intention must be pure. That means you can’t do something with the expectation of getting the results you expect or of getting something in return.
  2. You need to put in some genuine effort. Put as much effort into what you do regardless of what you get in exchange. This means whether it’s a 10$ job or a 1000$ job, do it with the same enthusiasm as if it were a 1000$ job.
  3. Aim to always have a positive impact on others.
  4. Expect nothing and welcome everything. (This is an important life lesson! You’re welcome!)

As you put this into practice, you will begin to “feel” your abundance container grow and expand. That is when you will begin calling in more and more abundance to fill your growing container.

Now my darling, go out there and QUANTUM MANIFEST!

I know you are eager to learn more! My Guides, a collective who call themselves Elderon, have shared channeled information about this in what They chose to call “How Life Works”. You can download their message HERE.

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